Create a deskhibition (exhibition on a 5x2 Herman Miller desk).

A desk is used to work but sometimes we forget to take a break away from our desks. 

B(E) R(IGHT) B(ACK) STATION is a representation of the focused and diffused states of working at our desks. The tools on the table are curated for people to take a break from work to go under the desk.


Before stepping in..


The full experience

The bottom of the desk is a reminder and representation
of the diffused state we should get into during our break
away from our desks. 

A person having a good time.

Visitor Comments

“That was actually relaxing”

“I just wanna stay in there”

“I wanna be in here forever”

“Ahh light, back to reality”

“It’s dangerously easy to fall asleep in there”

“We need this in our school”

      “This gives me nostalgia”     

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