I’m Noreen from Queens,
and I’m an experiential graphic designer based on planet earth, who recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts. 

My work primarily focuses on experiential graphic design and therapeutic experiences, as well thinking of the bigger picture into intersecting avenues. As a designer
and storyteller, I am driven by how the tangible & digital world can shape our social & cultural environments.

The world changes so quickly and I
am learning more about the future of storytelling & creating experiences through digital & interative medias.  

Currently, I am taking baby steps to inspire people to bring the Outdoors In, curating and community building through @thegreatindooors.

I’ve managed to go 80% without coffee during school (saving $9,344 for the emergency deadlines), but I’d be happy to grab a digital matcha if you’d like to chat! 🍵


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