I’m Noreen from Queens – 
a visual designer and artist with a multidisciplinary background based in new york city and beyond.  

I'm curious about how we can reimagine an empathetic and interactive world through the magic of art, design, culture, and conceptual storytelling.

I'm my best when collaborating with multidisciplinary groups to solve complex problems, and turning them into meaningful experiences for cultural and inclusive communities. 

I have a soft spot for ceramics and all things DIY. Drawing inspiration from nature, slow living, and analog experiences– my art serves as an advocating way to reconnect with my inner child. For more context, visit ︎︎︎@_solflo and︎︎︎@thegreatindooors

I’ve managed to make it to this point in my career without coffee, but I’d be happy to grab a digital / irl matcha if you’d like to chat! 🍵


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previously at

︎  Momentum, NY
      Jr. Graphic Designer
      Feb 2022–May 2023

︎  VMLY&R, NY
       Jr. Art Director
       Feb 2021–Jan 2022

︎  Snowday, NY
       Freelance Designer
       Jan 2021

︎  Google Creative Lab, NY
      Design Intern
      Oct–Nov 2020

︎  Visual Arts Press, NY
      Design Intern
      Sept–Dec 2018

︎  Sacatelle, NY                            Design Intern

      July–Oct 2017

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