In-person shopping has changed drastically this year. Masks create a distance so interactions feel transactional.

Behind The Mask is a toolkit on Instagram that small business owners can use to celebrate their employees, build loyalty to small businesses, and promote safety.

Art Direction & Design

#BehindTheMask lives in-store & online


QR codes from printed materials lead to SMB’s Instagram.

Business’ Instagram

Digital Employee Art+Stories where customers can explore deeper

Businesses share pictures & 
light-hearted facts about their employees.

Depending on different stores there are,
it can be implemented in various areas.


Stickers can be placed on different parts
of their store according to their business type.

The QR code takes the customers to the store’s Instagram page where they’ll also see more about @behindthemask. 

Stickers placements where most people would
interact with employees like the plexiglass & countertops.

Table Placeholders for food industries

Takeaways vary from receipts,
bookmarks to postcards. 

Bookmarks for Bookstores

Postcards for Restaurants/Cafes

QR codes leads customers to small business' Instagram profiles where they can learn about the people that helped them out.

This benefits them because it’ll drive traffic
to their business and shows that they care about
their own people.  

By humanizing employees, customers are more likely to support small businesses.
Behind The Mask recreates the connection that’s been lost.

Art Directors
: Ashley Aviles & Anika Grube
Copywriters: Daniel Storrow & Rodney Bethea

In collaboration with Google Creative Lab
Jesse Juriga, Josh Rosen, & Tristian Smith

©noreen joa 2021